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In my convos with fab wedding pros like you, I’ve discovered two types of you exist:

1. Pros that really want to dive right in and become a pro at writing website copy, email marketing copy + well, any copy they need to for their wedding biz.
2. Pros who would rather do anything else–like count the pieces of rice in a family size bag–rather than spend one minute on trying to come up with the right words for their website or anything else.

I’ve named these groups of peeps.

Wordies vs. Word Averse

(If you think I’m stereotyping or suggesting that being a Wordie has a negative connotation, think again.

I’m a total wordie. People like us are in high demand. We are HOT stuff. More about that in a second.)

Wordies unite! If you’re a wordie like me, then what I’m about to say probably totally resonates with you:

1. You can totally have a binge-fest watching how-to videos + consuming the info from how-to articles.
2. You can sit down for a batching session, where you whip out website copy, write + schedule blog posts for the next eight weeks + creating newsletters is your jam.
3. Looking at your site stats + click-through rates on your emails is your idea of a PERFECT Friday night.
4. You’re never at a loss for words.
5. You can envision, well, everything about marketing your business in your head.
6. You have a never-ending stream of ideas.
7. You’re an advisor.

I’m 7 out of 7 a Wordie.

If you’re not a Wordie (+ that’s totally OK, no judgment here), then instead of embracing these 7 statements, it’s likely making you cringe.

After all, words are necessary, well…for EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. Of your business. So if words are not your boo thang, then you have two choices:

1. Outsource the wordie stuff to a professional copywriter
2. Learn to do it yourself and power through it

Confession time: I don’t think you should hire a copywriter to write your copy for you.

(Don’t write me off as crazy quite yet. Hear me out first.)

Why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter to write your copy

Most wedding pros that come to me are either launching their website, rewriting their copy because it’s not working to book them weddings, or they’re struggling with their email marketing series.

Again, it all comes down to putting your words to work for you. Just because you love to write, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it right–right being that your website copy and email copy is creating such a need or desire for brides + grooms to hire you that your consultation becomes a formality.

And, if you don’t love to write, well then you’re probably not writing it right either, so your copy isn’t working to book you more weddings either.

Here’s the thing…

Writing copy for your wedding business is NEVER going to go away.

If you hire out every time you need something written, well, it’s going to cost you a fortune.

BUT, if you learn how to write copy that books more weddings then, BAM, writing copy that converts is as fast, easy + fun as planning a wedding.

AND it’s as lucrative too.

Write an autoresponder series to the brides + grooms on your list, you book half a dozen weddings from it.

Write an engaging newsletter each week that helps you book a few more weddings and sells out your workshop for brides + grooms that want to learn how to plan their own wedding.

Massage the copy on your services page + watch as the schedule a consultation requests roll in (+ once you get them in front of you, we all know you have a high closing rate).

Wordies, you’re in great shape. With the right resource for learning the ins and outs of wedding business copywriting, you’re going to be just fine.

Word Averse, I’m going to tell you like it is: you CAN do this. Yes, you’re going to have to accept the word challenge that is in front of you.

Admit it. Embrace the skills you DO have + put those skills + your words to work for you + your biz.

Then when it comes time to write the perfect copy for anything in your biz, you’re armed + ready to rumble (just like when it’s go time at a wedding).

As for the wordie stuff? I walk you through it all step-by-step in Copywriting for Wedding Planners Home Course.

I literally hold your hand, give you all the info + provide you with personal feedback on your copy.

YOU–that’s who should be writing your copy, even if you have no experience with it yet. Because again, it’s stuff you can absolutely learn to write.
The Copywriting For Wedding Pros Self-Study Course is now open for enrollment! You can get your website + email marketing up + running today (literally) or move through the course at your own pace.

Ready to let your inner Wordie or Word Averse out into the wedding universe? Enroll today!

Got Qs? Leave them in the comments or shoot me an email! I’ve got the As + I love chatting with you.

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