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I started as a full-time blogger in 2008. Pinterest is/was my #1 source of traffic. Pinterest is fabulous in many ways but just like anything, you NEVER want to put all your eggs in one marketing basket.

SEO or search engine optimization is important for a blog. For years, I dabbled with SEO. I knew the basics + I even ranked #1 for a keyword here + there.

I followed the SEO “experts.” I even followed some of their advice but I never felt fully comfortable with the fact that any of them were truly the expert.

While I continue to use Pinterest pretty religiously, I had a realization that I needed to diversify my sources of traffic + that organic traffic from search engines like Google needed to become my focus.

I also came to the realization that I needed to invest in my education for business purposes + I set my sights on SEO.

What is SEO?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade or so, you’ve at least heard the term search engine optimization or SEO. Don’t let the term scare you, though.

All SEO really involves is taking a strategic approach to help search engines, like Google, rank your blog posts higher in the search engine results. It’s no accident that my blog posts that rank #1 or on the first page of Google get clicked on more often + drive more traffic to my site.

Makes total sense. Right?

Why SEO?

Google traffic is extremely targeted — a potential client is actively looking for information +/or a solution to their problem. Google traffic is largely passive — once you are ranking, you don’t have to do much “maintenance” to make that traffic stick (unlike Pinterest with a never-ending stream of active Pinning).

Google traffic is mostly consistent — unlike Pinterest’s crazy algorithm changes, Google’s algorithm is much more consistent if you know what you’re doing. SEO also gives you the diversification factor. If 100% of traffic comes from Pinterest, your blog’s traffic + business is completely dependent on their algorithm changes.

I have a blog post on this site that has over 5,000 clicks on it because it ranks #1 on Google + the post has been up for less than 3 years.

I wanted more of this. I wanted more of my blog posts to rank #1 or on the first page of Google. I wanted more FREE but qualified traffic from all of the content I write.

The challenge was that I didn’t really know HOW to repeat my successes with SEO. That’s until I ran across Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO course.

LearningSEO.io shares this Learning SEO – A Roadmap:

About Mike Pearson

I’d never heard of Mike before I ran across a review about this course from a fellow blogger. I immediately registered for his FREE SEO email course. After a video or two (the videos are short but information-packed), I was hooked.

For me, it was that he simplified SEO so much. For example, all the other experts tell you to do keyword research in a way that is a little complicated + cumbersome.

Mike takes a totally different approach that is so easy + simple, yet effective.

Mike helps bloggers increase their Google rankings + grow their Google traffic with SEO at stupidsimpleseo.co.

Mike has started several blogs in different niches + has made over $200,000 from Amazon’s affiliate program. He recently started a new site in the credit niche CreditTakeoff.com + has already been featured on sites like CreditCards.com, Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, Investopedia + LendingTree.

He launched another course on starting + growing a niche site. It’s worth checking out, too.

He is obsessed with teaching other bloggers about SEO + making SEO easier for all bloggers.

He came recommended to me from trusted sources (Making Sense of CentsStart A Mom Blog, and Mommy On Purpose) + his experience with helping over 850 bloggers like us through his premium course was reassuring.

The course also includes access to a Facebook support group of bloggers that have taken the course + are geniuses right alongside Mike. I learn so much just from reading the posts in the group.

Mike is highly accessible + interactive in the group. I sent him an email before purchasing the course + he responded in a matter of minutes. He also responds to + actively posts on the Facebook group for the course.

An Overview of the Stupid Simple SEO Course

I hesitated in buying the course because it is videos. I’m not a huge fan of having to watch videos BUT I actually liked it.

The course is all video, where you are looking over Mike’s shoulder at his computer screen. He covers 55+ lessons with 11+ hours of video on the following topics:

  • How to set up your blog for SEO success
  • Why user intent + blog relevance is so important
  • How to do proper keyword research    
  • How to create + optimize content that ranks
  • How to do SEO for affiliate marketing
  • Link building 101
  • How to do guest posting for backlinks
  • How to do a “blogger roundup” to get links
  • How to do blogger outreach 
  • How to use Help A Reporter Out to get links

Mike also updates the course pretty regularly. He updated it a couple of times after I bought it. You have access to the updates when you purchase the course, as well.

Mike’s teaching style is straightforward + down to earth. He cuts through all the fluff, gets straight to the actionable steps you need to take to make SEO work for you.

If you want to improve your SEO, this is the course for you. Period.

The Problem This Course Solves

Stupid Simple SEO makes SEO easier + brings “simple SEO” to the blogging world. You’re generally aware of SEO + its importance, but maybe you think it’s too complicated + confusing.

Maybe you have no idea how to get started when it comes to SEO. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by things like keyword research, creating Google-friendly content + how to increase domain authority with backlinks.

Once you’re done with this course, you’ll never have to “worry” about SEO again.

What is the Price of Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO’s price is two-tier pricing:

    • Standard: $297 (or 4-month payment plan of $87/mo) 
      • The Complete Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Course (8 Core Modules) 
      • Private Students-Only Facebook Group
      • Trello Course Roadmap
      • Lifetime Updates
  • Advanced: $497 (or 4-month payment plan of $137/mo)
    • The Complete Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Course (8 Core Modules)
    • 7-Bonus Content + Link-Building Modules
    • Private Students-Only Facebook Group
    • Trello Course Roadmap
    • Lifetime Updates

Or you can first try out his FREE SEO training here if you need more time to think about it.

When is Stupid Simple SEO Open?

Stupid Simple SEO only opens 4 times per year.

If you haven’t already, you can opt-in here to join the 850+ bloggers who have benefited from the course.

If you use my link to purchase the course, I’m throwing in my Blogging course ($97 value) for FREE. Just email me your receipt + the email address you used to enroll in the course.

Cons of the Stupid Simple SEO Course

No doubt about it, the course is pricey. Not Elite Blogging Academy pricing pricey but pricey. It’s well worth it if you put in the work it takes.

That’s the other con, per se. It’s hard work. It’s hard work that you have to put into it to reap the benefits of it.  The course gives you everything you need to achieve SEO success but you have to put in the work to make it happen.


I have ZERO regrets about buying this course. In fact, I’m super pleased that I did. It’s been a game-changer for both of the blogs that I currently run.

I have no shame or embarrassment in suggesting you click my affiliate link here (at no extra cost to you). Remember to send me your receipt + the email you used to purchase the course so I can send you my Biz Blogging course for FREE. (If Stupid Simple SEO is not open, you can take Mike’s free course + opt-in to receive notification of the next time enrollment is open.)

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