About Us


 Hi. I am Kristie, the creator and owner of Kristie And Co. I am a small business owner based in Louisiana. My love of doodling and drawing first started when (as a homeschool mom) I was teaching my twin boys art. I never imagined that one class would ignite a  passion to draw that would never stop,

I  slowly taught myself how to turn my doodles into a business. I put them on everything from notebooks, mugs and t-shirts. Eventually, I discovered printibles, digital planners, and digital stickers. I made and sold those too! So combining my love for drawing and my love for stationery (both digital and physical)  and utilizing all the skills I learned on my journey, I started Kristie and Co. 

So as I continue learning and leveling up my skills, I want to create beautiful and inspiring products that you will love. Why? Because the world needs more beauty and grace -- and well, stickers are fun!


And Co. 

The And Co. in Kristie And Co. are Cody and Tyler. They are my source of inspiration and they sometimes say the funniest things. We can all use more laughter. They will help me get your goods packaged and out the door.