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The main goal of any content is audience engagement — to get your audience to take some sort of action that allows them to benefit from the products or services your company offers. If you engage your audience or inspire them to take action, you’re likely to watch your business soar.

Here are seven strategies designed to help you increase audience engagement.

#1 Keep Track of Your Metrics and Analytics

To be sure your content or stories are working to achieve your business goals, you need to add measures to track + evaluate your audience engagement. By tracking which strategies are working + which are not, you can determine what you need to do to improve your business strategy.

For example, let’s say you have a high bounce rate. You know how to write an SEO (search engine optimized) article to get visitors to your site, but if you’re not providing the value they’re seeking, then the visitors are not sticking around.

Tracking this helps you to understand the information or type of content your target audience is searching for or needs.

How to Track Audience Engagement

Website platforms + social media platforms provide analytical information for free that you can use to your advantage. The metrics you should monitor for audience engagement:

  • Average session duration: How long visitors stay on your site can show you have content or are offering value visitors seek or want.
  • Bounce rate: A high bounce rate indicates they are not staying around to view your content, which can mean that you are not offering content visitors are seeking.
  • Number of returning visitors vs. new visitors: Returning visitor numbers determines the retention of your audience. Having a lot of return visitors is a positive sign that your content is engaging your audience. A healthy number of new visitors compared to return ones is also important because it means your content is still attracting new visitors to your site.
  • Number of shares or likes: High shares + likes can indicate you are providing the right content for your target audience.

#2 Build an E-mail List

Build an email list. You can segment the list into customers/clients + prospects. An email list provides you with the opportunity to continue the conversation with existing customers + prospects. Emails allow you to share valuable content + information + a step toward engaging your audience.

#3 Always Use a Call-to-action

Don’t expect or assume your audience knows what to do or that they’re going to do it just because they are there or reading your content. You need to be direct + tell them what to do. This is called a call to action. You are calling them or asking them to do something in order to benefit your business.

Studies have shown that calls-to-action increase conversion by nearly 121%.

No matter what kind of content you have, always include a call to action. Crafting good calls to action is one of the most important marketing strategies to get your audience to take action (buy from you, click a link, book an appointment, or whatever it is you want them to after reading your content).

Make the call to action as clear as possible. If you want them to buy it, tell them to purchase it. If you want more viewers, ask them to watch + share the video.

#4 Create Live Events

Bring your audience together to start a conversation through live events. It can be in-person events or it can be virtual events. Use this time to ask important questions + conduct a survey or poll to get them more involved. Doing this ensures audience engagement + provides you with the metrics you need to be sure your business is successful.

In order to increase audience engagement, ask for it, push out valuable content to the right audience + continue to track + evaluate your progress. The biggest way to increase audience engagement is to interact with the right audience. 

#5 Decide What Actions You Want Them to Take

Always create a goal for the content you are creating before you create it. This helps you to ensure synergy between your story + the main objective of the content.

Ask yourself:

  1. What do you want your audience to take away from the content?
  2. Does it benefit your company?

Once you know the answers to these questions, determine the best action you want your audience to take.

#6 Build a Community

Ask your audience to join a Facebook group or membership site to build a community. People love to relate + to be around others that have similar interests + values. A sense of community + camaraderie is encouraging + inspiring. It can quickly increase audience engagement.

#7 Allow Your Viewers + Readers to Ask Questions

Remember to allow enough time at the end of a live event for questions or leave. Make sure your blog posts + online articles have the comments turned on so readers can leave comments + ask questions — so they can engage with your business.

Offer an email address or phone number where your audience can engage with your business.

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