How to Write an eBook to Make Money

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If you’re like most moms + bloggers, you’re probably on the hunt for other sources of income, beyond 1:1 client work or ad income. 

Writing + selling an eBook can be that additional stream of income (+ a lucrative one at that).

My friend Ana over at The She Approach is opening her eBook Bestseller Bootcamp. She starts by answering the question:

Is there any real money to be made by creating + selling eBooks?

If you sell a $200 online course, you only need 3 sales to make $600. But you need to sell 20 eBooks at $30 apiece to make the same amount of money.

So wouldn’t it be more profitable to just create courses instead of eBooks?

The math makes sense. But what people fail to consider is how much harder it is to make a $200 sale than it is to make a $30 sale. (Not to mention the cost of creating/hosting a course vs. creating an eBook. Spoiler alert: it’s nearly triple! Take it from someone who’s done both.)

But enough with the hypothetical. Ana shares with you exactly how much money she makes with her eBooks, to show you what’s possible if you enroll in her Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp.

How much money Ana made selling eBooks:

  • In May of 2017, she launched her first eBook. By the end of the year, she earned $3,504.05 with her digital products. 
  • In 2018, she made $11,512.79 out of which $8,099.72 were eBook sales alone. 

What changed? She got better at launching a digital product, at selling it throughout the year (+ not just during the launch), at marketing it + at working with affiliates. Ana also launched a new eBook.

Her audience grew as well + people began to trust her expertise more, but Ana believes that her sales skyrocketed because she improved her skills + process. 

She’s including everything she learned in her signature course, Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp. Because when you know what you’re doing + you have a plan, your earnings show it! 

It’s not too late! If you enroll before Monday, July 29th, you also receive Ana’s best selling eBook ever – her Pinterest eBook – for free! 

  • In the first 6 months of 2019 alone, Ana has already reached $15,000 in sales. ($14,964.16 to be exact)

That’s an estimated revenue of $30k this year. All she did was launch 2 more digital products (including a $3.99 Amazon eBook) + used the same exact launch + marketing strategy that she teaches step by step in EBB. 

Ana’s email list is under 10,000 people so you DON’T need a huge audience to make real money with eBooks

Don’t forget that if you enroll before Monday, July 29th, you also get a free copy of Ana’s Pinterest eBook, that’s going to help you send more traffic to your sales page + blog.

Here are a few of the lessons Ana covers in EBB:

  • How to come up with an eBook idea that sells
  • Choosing the best platform to publish your eBook
  • Formatting + designing your eBook to meet the Amazon KDP requirements
  • Creating an eBook cover that stands out
  • Self-publishing your eBook – a step-by-step guide
  • How to create a launch calendar + strategy
  • How to work with collaborators to increase your eBook sales 
  • Email Marketing 101 for eBook authors – growing + using your email list to make sales, without coming across as salesy


Use the secret code “EBB20OFF” to get $20 off when you pay in full. 

 Skipped to the end?

  • Doors for Ana at The She Approach’s signature course Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp are officially open! 
  • And if you enroll before Monday, you get a free copy of her Pinterest eBook on top of the 30 lessons + $500 worth of bonuses included in EBB.
  • On August 8th the price goes up to $197, so you save an additional $50 if you enroll before then!

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