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While most about pages on websites are boring timelines + professional experience descriptions, this is NOT the most effective use of this real estate on your website.

I’m going to walk you through exactly how to write an About Page for a business website.

The About Page of your website is a powerful tool for converting shopping visitors into clients. If your About Page description puts visitors to sleep, then you’re not likely to keep their attention long enough to contact, let alone hire, you.

If you use this power to convince visitors they want to work with you or buy from by differentiating your business from the rest, then you’ll see your business soar.

So how do you write an About page for a business that stands out from the crowd so that it doesn’t overwhelm visitors, but instead engages them + actually gets them to hire YOU?

Today, I reveal exactly how to write an About Page for a business that gets you noticed but more importantly gets you business.

BTW: These are the same exact steps I share with blog + website owners that take my paid courses + I use when writing an about page for clients who hires me to write an About Page for her.

Put a Human-Interest Spin On It

Instead of listing out your professional experience, put a human-interest spin on it, along with answers to questions + testimonials. A combination of these items creates a highly effective About Page that converts.

I call it the power of storytelling

You have a story to tell.

You have a way of telling it.

Use it.

It sounds so basic, right?

Everyone has a story. If you’re selling clean beauty + skincare products after a cancer health scare, then this is your story. If you turned your business into a multi-million dollar company after being homeless, then this is your story. If you freed yourself from corporate America, then this is your story.

Whatever your story is, use it when writing an About Page for a website. Your story is what sets your business apart from all the others in your industry. It is what helps visitors that come to your site relate to you. The ability of clients to relate to you or see themselves in your situation is often what propels them to hire you, buy from you or work with you instead of someone else.

Just How Personal Should You Get With the Story When Writing an About Page?

When writing an About Page for a business, you should get as personal as you feel comfortable without making your visitors feel uncomfortable.

There was a company, Parachute Promise. She was a recovering alcoholic.

This is her story…

In 2004 — to celebrate my third year of sobriety — I decided to give some significant folks in my life a tangible token of gratitude: A hand crafted leather necklace holding a stainless steel parachute pin: the tiny curved piece of metal that holds the main canopy inside its container, starting the complicated sequence of opening the skydiver’s parachute.

These friends were my very own parachute pins — my safety anchors through change, addiction, chaos, and fear. Without them, I would have crashed. And I wanted them to know how much they mattered.

The reaction to the necklace was immediate and life-changing. “You’ve got to make more of these,” someone told me. And in a moment of spirited synchronicity, I said, “why not?”

That “why not?” became Parachute Promise — a business devoted to thanking people who matter with wearable gifts that last, for life.

Why this works: It’s personal. It’s emotional. It gives origin to the company in a very human way.

Maybe you’re not a recovering alcoholic — and that’s OK. This is her story, not your story. But…you do have a story to tell.

How much of it you tell, or how personal you decide to be is up to you, but it won’t scare away the right clients.

This is a personal example of an About Page that got me to hire a business coach. In the beginning of 2016, I hired a business coach.

As I was reading the About Page on her website, her story totally resonated with me. I felt, to a certain extent, that her story was my story. As I read her About Page, I felt like I was reading my own About Page — like it was my story!

This made me feel like she knew exactly what I was going through with my business + personal life (because she went through it with hers).

In my mind, I hired her before we ever had a phone conversation. The phone conversation was just a formality for me. It was just a step that I had to take to officially hire her.

Obviously, I hired her.

Answer Questions Clients Have

In addition to your story, when writing an About Page, answer some of the most frequently asked questions that clients have about you. List the question + then write out a short two- or three-sentence response.

Include links, where appropriate, that readers can click on to find additional information on the topic. Maybe you have a blog post (or two or three) about the topic.

Link to it.

Maybe you have another page on your website that delves deeper into the services or products you offer.

Link to it.

Be You When Writing an About Page

Be you when writing an About Page for a business! It truly is what cuts through the noise other businesses are making – setting you apart from all of your competitors.

Your dream clients relate to you in a way they don’t relate to another business owner. When your words, your story, your background, your credentials, resonate with them they want to hire you/work with you because of your tone, personality, or character (or all of these).

Whatever it is, it is something that connects the words you use when writing an About Page to their hearts + BAM! They realize you are the person they have been searching for all this time.

Steps to Writing an About Page That Gets Them to Hire You

Writing an About Page is not exactly a science. It is an art. Yet, there are some specific steps you can take when writing an About Page for a business that connects visitors with you.

1. Start by Writing an Attention-Grabbing Headline

So I have this conversation with clients all the time. Clients are selfish. When it comes right down to it, they care very little about you, only care about themselves + what you can do for them.

Keep this in mind as you work through writing an About Page.

Write a headline that is about you, but is really about them – it’s all about them.

Munster Rose does a pretty good job with this. Notice the headline here is, “Your wedding day should be as uncommon as you are.”

It’s not a perfect headline but it’s pretty good.

Munster Rose could make this headline slightly better by writing something like:

Your wedding day should be as uncommon as you are. We style + design weddings for the uncommon in you.

Take a look at the angle Paula at Champagne Taste takes on her About Page.

Champagne Taste About Page

Paula does start out her headline (which is really a quote) by talking about herself but she really twists it to be about the wedding couple just a few words into it.

Anshwa at SwaLaRue Events does a pretty good job with making her About Page headline about her but really about them.

SwaLaRue Events About Page

2. Add a quick + snappy intro

After writing an About Page headline that grabs visitors’ attention, you want to move on to writing a short (2-3 sentence) paragraph that introduces you + your business to them.

You can almost think of this as your elevator speech.

What can you say to someone that describes what you do in about 10 seconds or less?

The key here is that how you write this. Make it intriguing, without being too revealing, because your goal is to get them to want to know more, so they can continue to read.

Amber over at Events With Ambiance almost nails it with her intro.

Events With Ambiance About Page

Amber says:

I’m a Chicago Wedding Planner and Stylist, and I’m mostly known for styling and creating magazine worthy weddings for busy millennial couples. As much as I enjoy planning fabulous weddings and events around the city, the things I’m most passionate about in life are: Jesus, books, guacamole, french fries, and 2 minute dance parties!

She tells couples exactly what she does + who she does it for in ONE short sentence. The second sentence elaborates just a little bit on the first + then she throws in a quick couple of personal facts.

Munster Rose also does a good job of following up the headline with a short intro.

Munster Rose About Page

It says:

At Munster Rose, we offer floral, styling, and event design services to one-of-a-kind clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond. We design days around your details. Because we believe the things that make you you are what make your wedding day a extraordinary moment in the timeline your life. We make your big day yours.

Again, the first sentence says exactly what they do + who they do it for. The second sentence reveals what’s in in for them (the brides + grooms they work with). The third sentence drives it home + is ALL. ABOUT. wedding couples. Final sentence, is about Munster Rose but is also about the wedding couples they work with.

Great job in writing an About Page for a wedding business, Munster Rose.

3. Expand on your intro

Since you want to keep your intro paragraph short, sweet + punchy, the next paragraph (2-3 sentences) should expand on who you are + what you do.

BUT you want to add a twist, so that it really shows how you help your dream clients + how your business benefits them. This time, you want to go a little deeper + give more detail on exactly what you do in your business.

So you can sprinkle in a ton of info about your experience + knowledge, but add enough of a twist that you actually show how it is a benefit for them.

Think about what brought you to do what you do.

  • What experiences do you have?
  • What jobs did you hold?
  • What personal life experiences brought you to where you are today?

This is the kind of info you want to share, but all the time tweaking it to reveal how everything that has made you the fab professional you are can benefit them.

Detaille Weddings & Events does a pretty good job of portraying this on its About Page.

Detaille Weddings & Events About Page

You’ve met your perfect partner, but now there are guests lists, venues, vendors, décor, accommodations and — well, it’s overwhelming. You want to focus on walking down the aisle, or seeing your partner smile at you as you take his or her hand.

We understand, and Detaille is here for you. This should be a time of love and joy. Of celebration and coming together. Not stress. Detaille offers the total package, from planning to design and coordination. We work for YOU and meet YOUR needs.

Coastal Coordinating also does a pretty good job here.

Coastal Coordinating About Page

Whether you have a trendy or traditional, extravagant or tastefully modest wedding vision, it’s our job to help you make it happen. To achieve your goals, while providing your peace of mind and a lasting memory. We’ve planned thousands (yep, you read that right) weddings, so we’ve picked up more than a thing or two about executing the best event possible for each couple. No two couples are exactly alike, which means planning each event is a unique experience. Lucky for all of us, we have the magic recipe for keeping not only the planning of your day on the right track, but the day-of running like a well-oiled machine!

I think you get the idea…

4. Give ’em your street creds when writing an about page

Now, it is time to FINALLY talk about you.

When I say bang out some of your street creds, I mean write out the credentials that make you the ultimate professional you are. So here you can talk about accreditations, certifications, board positions for associations, books you’ve written, how long you’ve been doing it, etc.

This is the ONLY part on the About Page that is really about you. (Crazy, right?)

You can write this out in paragraph form or you can use bullet points. Bullet points are a great way to break up all of the copy on the About Page.

Here are examples of street creds…

  • Former Certified Wedding Planner
  • Owned and operated a wedding planning business for 4 years
  • President, Vice President + Secretary on the Board of the NAWP (National Association of Wedding Professionals) Miami-Dade/Broward Chapter
  • Wedding copywriter + content writer for over 12 years
  • Published 1,000s of wedding articles
  • Authored wedding books, such as Your Second Wedding

SwaLaRue Events About Page

I love how Anshwa’s credentials are written BUT I wish she would write in the first-person!

With professional certifications (including PMP, SPHR, HRPM and SCWP), a degree in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY, and a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University, Anshwa is a former Army officer and Combat Veteran.

Mrs. Lewis has been planning events since 2008 and has experience flawlessly executing ceremonies, balls, and banquets. She applies extreme attention to detail to elevate the experience of her clients.

Anshwa’s work has been featured in national bridal publications such as Ruffled Blog and her local weddings have been featured on blogs such as Weddings in Houston.

5. Add a call to action when writing an About Page for a business

One of the final (if not the final) thing you want to include when writing an About Page is a call to action — tell them what you want them to do now that they are dying to work with you.

Give them some kind of a next step to take.

That can be different for each of you. If you want them to call you, say it. If you want them to visit your services page, then send them there. Whatever it is just tell them.

The call to action can be as little as a few words or as long as a sentence.

Avoid leaving them hanging when they reach the end of your About Page. It sounds like, duh, they should know what to do when they finish reading it but don’t leave this step to chance.

Just tell them :).

Detaille Weddings & Events has a double whammy for a call to action.

Detaille Weddings & Events

To choose the best package for you and your partner, head over to our services and packages page.


We love to work with a variety of people, couples and families! Give us a call or send us an email about your occasion, and we’ll offer you a complimentary consultation to answer questions and get to know you a bit. We’ll talk about your vision, wishes and concerns. After all, this entire process is all about you.

Call to action #1 is the link that starts with “to choose.”

Call to action #2 is the button that says, “Get in Touch.”

Coastal Living About Page

You can list out some of the benefits they receive from working with you. There are many, many, many that you can list here, so figure out the ones that are important to your DREAM clients to drive them home.

The entire paragraph on Coastal Living’s About Page captures this. The call to action is the “Tell Us Your Story” button, which links to an email where you can email them.

6. Throw in an official bio for good measure

You can write or include an official bio at the end of an About Page.

It is optional.

When you’re writing an About Page bio, you can include it after your call to action, so visitors can read it if they are interested.

While I advise you use first person for all of your website copy, including writing an About Page for a business, the official bio can be in the third person.

This is my offical bio.

(I’m going to talk about myself as if I am someone else for a moment. You’ve been warned.)

Kristie Lorette McCauley is a storyteller, content strategist + content marketer. She helps a business tells its story so it appeals to their ideal clients.

Kristie is passionate about working with businesses to create stories clients can relate to, understand + that motivates them to work with or buy from the business/professional.

By the way, Kristie holds a BS in marketing and a BS in multinational business from Florida State University, and her MBA from Nova Southeastern University (She’s a Florida girl livin’ in a Virginia world). With over 18 years of marketing and communications experience (with a ton of writing and wedding planning in the mix), she knows what’s up and how to put it into words.

Even when including a bio for writing an About Page, do you see how it’s not really about me at all? It’s really all about them

Steps to Writing an About Page

OK, so let’s break writing an About Page page down, section by section, so you can go through a similar process for your About Page.

  1. A headline that is about you, but is REALLY about THEM!
  2. A quick + snappy intro (not too wordy + packs a bit of a punch).
  3. Expand on the intro by writing a creative description of who you are + what you do (Again, this is less about you + more about who they are, how you connect or are on the same level as the clients you want to work with + how working with you can benefit them.).
  4. Credentials — how what you know + who you are can benefit them.
  5. Call to action.
  6. Official pro bio (optional).
  7. Sprinkle in testimonials, where appropriate

Testimonials from Happy Clients

Your About Page can also include a testimonial or two from existing or past clients.

Use testimonials that not only paint your business in a great light, but that paint stories that prospective clients can relate to. When a visitor reading your About Page sees themselves or can relate to a client you helped, they are much more likely to hire you/buy from you than if you’re simply telling them that they should hire you or buy from you.

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