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Every successful business has one thing in common. They fully understand their target audience, the needs of their target audience + how their audience can benefit from the products or services the business offers.

When you define your target audience, you create a consistent brand. Consistency makes it easier to find the right audience.

What is the right audience?

One that values your brand + wants to purchase your products or services.

4 Strategies to Identify Target Audience 

Here are four strategies designed to identify your target audience.

#1 Create Your Ideal Customers with Buyer Personas  

The buyer persona is a visual representation of your perfect customer—the person who benefits the most from your products or services. Every goal achieved or product/service that you create should start with your buyer persona in mind.

This involves breaking down their interests, strengths + weaknesses + highlighting any areas they struggle with. Include basic demographic information, what inspires, motivates + frustrates them. Add in their goals or main objectives in life + how you + your business help them accomplish their goals + objectives.

#2 Build an E-mail List with Free Opt-Ins

Build an e-mail list to attract your audience + communicate with them. Email is not dead or dying. Email is still popular. Email marketing is an effective online marketing strategy that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Offer something for free in exchange for their email. You can offer an e-book, guide, or some other free download to learn something new.

#3 Research Your Competition

Look at your competition + its audience.

  • What are the audience members saying?
  • Are their customers disappointed or are they happy with the service the competition is providing?

Pretend you are your own customer. Create a list of pros + cons of why you would choose your brand products over the competition.

Ask yourself what you as a customer have to lose or gain by selecting your brand’s products over your competition? Then look to see where you can improve your brand or products to make the customer experience better + more fulfilling.

#4 Take Advantage of Your Current Analytics

Social media platforms have built-in metrics that make it easy to identify your target market.

If you don’t have any following yet, then take advantage of the advertising on social media platforms.

Create three to four ads, each with different attributes to test which type of audience you resonate with the most. Then use this information to test the hypothesis further; if you gain more followers, views, or purchases, it’s likely working.

Don’t assume you know your target audience without doing the work. Take the time to list out your ideal customer with buyers’ personas + never ignore your competition to maintain consistency + sustainability.

Knowing your target audience enough to target them with stories that resonate with them is the first step to creating the right products or services required to be successful in any industry.

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