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Tell the right brand story + you can attract the right audience for your business. You have to figure out how to build a brand story to help you achieve business success.

One strategy to figure out the information you need to build a brand story is to ask (yourself) + answer a series of open-ended questions.

Here are some useful questions to help you start to build a brand story.

Use a creative + innovative approach to answer these questions, that is also organized + consistent with your goals + target audience.

Build a Brand Story History

  • Who founded the company + why?

Include the year the company started, where you (or the founder was) were + the reason you (the founder) launched the company.

  • What challenges did you face along the way?

Every good story includes a beginning, middle + end. The middle of the story typically includes a conflict or challenging situation you faced as the business unfolded. Every successful business faces + overcomes challenges. Find stories that represent your business + resonate with your target audience. 

Target Audience

  • Who is your ideal customer?

Build a buyer persona for each product, service, or problem you want to solve. Give them a name, age, job title + where they live. Describe the daily challenges they face, their interests, hobbies, strengths + weaknesses.

  • What platforms do your customers use?

Are your customers on Facebook, YouTube, E-mail, or their cell phones the most? Use your current customer analytics to see how your customers are interacting with your business. You want to be where your customers are.

  • How do I want to impact my customers?

Do you want to change their mind or further establish their existing beliefs? 

Vision + Main Objectives to Build a Brand Story

  • What is your proudest moment + why?

How did it lead to where you are today + the products/services you offer? What are the core values used to guide your business decisions?

  • What improvements do you need to make + why?

Are your products/services meeting the needs of your customers or the customers you’re targeting? If not, what adjustments do you need to make to meet their needs?

Competitive Business Edge

  • What makes you or your company different from competitors?

What sets you apart or how do you stand out from your competition? 

Build a Brand Story with Brand Identity

  • How do you define + describe your brand?

If you had one word to describe your business, what would it be? Do you want to be educational, entertaining, or inspirational?

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