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Susie Sunshine is your prospect. She is your ideal client.

(Paint the picture of who Susie Sunshine is in your head. Go ahead. Take a moment to do it. Trust me on this one.)

The Problem

Susie has a problem. (Depending on the type of wedding business you have, Susie is trying to plan her wedding, hire a wedding photographer or find wedding invitation ideas.)

The Big Step

Susie is looking for the solution to her problem. (This part might shock you). She goes to her computer, pulls up her favorite search engine + starts looking for information on solutions to her problem.

The Solution is Your Wedding Business Content

Susie sees a link to one of your blog posts or website pages in the search results. She clicks on it. She reads your content + instantly finds the answer she is looking for to get rid of her problem.

Susie thinks you’re a genius + she now wants to build a relationship with you (+ your business).

You’ve hit Susie’s sweet spot. You hit Susie’s sweet spot with your content—with the information you’re sharing with her to get rid of her pain.

Trust + Credibility

Susie might pick up the phone or click on the buy button to make a connection with your business on first contact. She might not.

What she might do is continue to follow your content–your information–so she can see if she trusts you +thinks you’re a credible source. At some point, however, once you’ve built that credibility + trust, Susie wants to do business with you.


It’s How Wedding Business Gets Done

You hit Susie’s sweet spot + now it’s landed you wedding business. It’s how wedding business gets done every single day of the week, 24 hours a day. You can put that in your pipe + smoke it.

(Don’t really do that. It’s not healthy to smoke.)

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