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Email marketing is not dead…or dying anytime soon.

American Marketing Association (AMA) says email users are set to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024, email marketing has the highest ROI for small businesses + is the second most effective medium for building brand awareness.

Check out these email marketing tips to increase ROI + build brand awareness for your business.

Email Marketing Tip for Deliverability

Deliverability is landing your email in the inbox of subscribers.

All the time you’re spending crafting emails to your subscribers isn’t doing you any good if you don’t have a decent delivery rate. Emails that land in spam folders decreases your chance of building a relationship with them or making a sale.

Here are three email marketing tips to help ensure your emails make it to your subscribers’ inboxes.

#1 Use a Reputable Email Marketing Provider

Companies like Aweber, Mail Chimp + Get Response work hard to make sure they are white-listed with the big Internet Service Providers + email providers like Gmail. Using a reputable email marketing service is singlehandedly the best thing you can do to improve your chances of avoiding spam folders.

#2 Set Expectations + Stick to It

When your subscribers regularly open your email, it increases the deliverability rate. Start by providing great content in your emails so your subscribers are looking for your emails. To set expectations from the beginning, let your subscribers know when + how often they can expect an email from you.

You can end your email messages by letting them know when to look for your next email.

Once you’ve set expectations do what you can to meet them. Doing this regularly can improve your open rates + thus your overall deliverability.

#3 Clean Up Your List Regularly

Another good habit is to clean up your list regularly. If subscribers haven’t been opening your emails for the past six months to a year, chances are good they are no longer interested in what you have to offer.

Monitor email deliverability rates + open rates to make sure emails are landing in inboxes + that subscribers are opening them.

5 Tips for Crafting Compelling Subject Lines

Landing emails in the inbox is the first challenge. Getting subscribers to open emails is the second challenge.

The email subject line has a lot to do with whether or not subscribers open your emails. If you can’t get your subscribers to open your emails, it really doesn’t matter how good the actual email is.

Here are five email marketing tips for writing subject lines that make them open your emails.

#1 Keep it Short

You want your readers to see the entire subject line before they click it. You also want to make it easy for people to scan through their emails. Try to get your point across in 50 characters or less. Pay attention to how your subject lines look on your own devices (computer, phone + tablet).

#2 Avoid “Spammy” Words

Stay away from words like sale, discount, coupon, free, limited time offer + reminder. These overused words can trigger the spam filter. Even if the emails make it to your readers’ inbox, chances are high they’ll get ignored.

#3 Personalize It

Personalizing emails with someone’s first name is one way to get readers to open emails.  

Depending on what data you collect when your readers sign up, you can personalize other things like their location, for example. Seeing the name of the state or city in an email subject line can help to get their attention.

#4 Pique Their Curiosity

It’s hard to ignore subject lines that sound intriguing or only tell part of the story. Using “…” at the end of your subject line can work.

The idea here is simple. You want them to click to open the email to find out what the heck you’re talking about or how the story ends.

#5 Swipe File

Another great idea is to keep a swipe file of subject lines that grabbed your attention. Even if the emails are on a different topic than your emails, you can adapt them for your own needs.

You can also email subject lines you’ve used in the past that have the best open rates. Try to analyze why these subject lines worked well for your market. Find the types of subject lines that get your readers to open your emails + tweak from there.

Email Marketing Tips for Email Frequency

In a perfect world, there’d be mountains of research with findings that tell you exactly when + how often to email your list. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist. There’s a good reason for it.

Every market, every niche, every audience + every person is different. Instead, you have to test it out to see how when + how often you send emails to your list affects the open rates, click-through rates + sales.

Send emails when you have something of value to offer readers.

One reason to start sending daily emails, for example, is if you’re running a 30-day challenge. Challenges are a great reason to land in their inbox daily without seeming pushy or spammy.

Monitor data like open rates to get a better feel for what frequency is working best for you + your audience.

Create Anticipation for Them to Want More

There’s a strategy known as foreshadowing that you can use in your email marketing to improve open rates. You may have seen this used on news programs + talk shows. Right before the commercial break, the hosts announce what’s coming up next.

The idea is that you’re intrigued enough to sit through the commercial to see the next segment.

Another good example of foreshadowing is when magazines show images, headlines, or short bullets of what’s coming in next month’s issue. Again, the point is to pique your interest to get you to buy the next issue.

You can easily adapt this strategy for email marketing. Toward the end of your email provide a preview of what’s coming in the next email. Be vague on purpose, but grab their attention.

For example, if you’re talking about why email marketing is important + the next email is about crafting subject lines to get a higher open rate, you may write something like:

“Keep an eye out for Friday’s email. We’ll talk about THE most important thing when it comes to email marketing. If you don’t get this right, nothing else matters.”

Another placement option is to use a P.S.

You don’t have to use foreshadowing in every single email. Give it a try to see if you start to see higher open rates + more engagement.

Email Marketing Tips: How to Provide Content They Want

99% of email marketers struggle with what content to include in their email marketing. Email marketing is really about relationship building. Email is one of the best mediums to help you build a relationship with subscribers.

You want them to get to know you. You want to help them out so they start to like + trust you. Only then will you be able to make an offer + have them pull out their wallet to buy it.

Monitor your website stats. Programs like Google Analytics can give you a lot of information about where your visitors came from, what page they landed on + where they were on your site when they joined your list. This data along with demographical information can tell you a lot about your audience.

As you start to email your readers, they will reply. Pay attention to what they’re saying.

Sometimes what they tell you they want isn’t the real issue. On the flip side, it can be helpful to ask them for suggestions.

Continuously monitor open rates, click-through rates + unsubscribes. If a large percentage of readers opened the email, that’s a good indication they were interested in the topic.

If they clicked a link to additional content, that’s even better. If you got a lot of unsubscribes, it might be an indication that either the topic was wrong or your language + overall message didn’t click with your audience.

Use all the data and information you get back to learn more about your target audience + connect with them on a deeper level. The more you know about your subscribers, the more effective your email marketing can be.

Email marketing is still alive + well. It can be highly effective when you use it in the right way for your audience. Use these email marketing tips to get you started.

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