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Do you know the human brain has a natural attraction to stories?

It makes sense, right?

It explains why everyone loves a good story.

You can put this to work for your business using brand storytelling. Brand storytelling is when you tell the story of a brand so it makes the brand stand out in a crowd of competitors.

The Power of Storytelling

Let’s play a little game.

Round 1: Pick a set of six double-digit numbers, any numbers, or you can use these to help:

25, 99, 76, 33, 21, 45

Set a timer for one minute. Try to memorize as many of the numbers as you can. When the timer is up, reset the timer to 30-seconds.

Cover the numbers + write down as many numbers as you can remember before the timer is up again.

Round 2: Pick a new set of numbers. Here are some new numbers you can use:

48, 20, 88, 43, 29, 87

Reset your timer for one minute, but this time create a story to help you memorize the numbers.

For example, 48 jumped to 20 + had a party with 88. Eighty-eight had a friend who is 29 + he didn’t really care for 87.

Start another 30-second timer + see how many numbers you remember this round.

  • What were your results?
  • Did you improve?

For many, this exercise proves how powerful storytelling can be + how easily you can remember the numbers—making it a great tool to use to better connect + engage with your audience.

How Brand Storytelling Sets You Apart from Your Competition

 As you can see, stories are a powerful + unique way to share, relate or educate your values, beliefs + morals. Through stories, you gain audience engagement + the following required to run a successful + sustainable business.

 Let’s take a look at how this happens:

  • Develops Deeper + Longer-Term Customer Relationships: When you tell a story, you reveal a vulnerable side that humanizes your brand – showing your customers that you are more than just about making money but are also about problem-solving – especially solving their problems. It causes them to want to form a bond + relationship with you + your business, which helps to further boost your success.
  • Makes You Unique, Creative + Innovative: Stories allow you the opportunity to be more creative + test your abilities to educate your audience. People love learning + gaining new perspectives. Stories are a fun way to do this through your brand image + knowledge.
  • Helps You to be More Relatable, Trustworthy + Memorable: Research shows that nearly 80% of business revenue is acquired from repeat + return customers. To keep your audience engaged, interested + coming back for more, you need to create a memorable experience that builds their trust + sees you as a reliable + credible resource for information or products.

Next, learn the 6 key elements to write a brand story.

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