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  1. It turns out Black Friday isn’t just for getting a bargain on that SmarTV you’ve been eyeing. I came across a TON of Black Friday (+ Cyber Monday) deals for bloggers. It’s deals on everything from legal contracts for your service to blogging courses (+ everything in between).

Freebies for Bloggers


1. Blog Plan: Suzi Whitford is one of my favorite bloggers. She shares a ton of free information on how to start a blog + run a blog that makes money in her free Blog Plan.


2. Stupid Simple SEO FREE Masterclass: Mike Pearson is my all-time favorite SEO expert. His free masterclass gives you amazing information that works for boosting your search engine rankings. It worked so well for my blogs that I bought his paid course but this one is FREE.


3. Launch Your Dream Website: BluChic is one of my favorite template designers. They offer a free email course to help you plan, build + launch your dream website.

4. Affiliate Course + Funnel: Ana from The She Approach offers a free email course on how to set up a successful affiliate marketing strategy + learn how to make a passive income with your blog.


40% Off Black Friday Deals for Bloggers


5. Legal Contracts: Your Legal BFF is offering 40% off all of their legal contract templates.


6. The Contract Shop: Save up to 40% on contract templates + bundles.

7. Pinterest Ninja: Save 40% on Megan Johnson’s Pinterest Ninja course. I took this course + it exploded my Pinterest (in a good way). If you’re looking to leverage the power of Pinterest for your blog, this is the course for you.

35% Off Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

8. Blog Traffic eBook: Ana from The She Approach offers a step-by-step guide to growing a blog, building an army of loyal readers + getting your blog traffic up to at least 50,000 pageviews. Use Coupon Code SAVE35.

9. Affiliate Marketing Bundle: Ana from The She Approach offers a step-by-step guide to earning your first $1,000 in affiliate commissions that helps you master every aspect of affiliate marketing that a blogger needs to know. Use Coupon Code SAVE35.

10. 500+ Affiliates Program Masterlist: Ana from The She Approach offers a list of 500+ affiliate programs in 17+ niches that can help any blogger find the best + highest paying products available. Use Coupon Code SAVE35.

11. Pinterest eBook: Ana from The She Approach offers a step-by-step guide to growing a Pinterest presence + growing your blog traffic by fully automating your pinning schedule. Use Coupon Code SAVE35.

12. EBook Bestseller Bootcamp: Ana from The She Approach offers a step-by-step video course that teaches bloggers how to write, launch + sell their first (or next) bestselling eBook.


30% Off Black Friday Deals for Bloggers


13. Blog by Number Course: Suzi Whitford takes you step-by-step in this paint-by-number type course to start, grow + monetize your blog. I took Suzi’s course when I first started blogging + she just updated it so it has all the latest information, strategies + more when it comes to blogging + making money from blogging. Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020.

14. Blog by Number eBook: If an eBook is more your style (the eBook is included in the course), check out Suzi Whitford’s eBook on starting a blog, growing it + monetizing it to make money as a blogger. Use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY2020.

15. WordPress Themes + Design Templates: Bluchic is offering 30% off all of their products, including WordPress themes, Canva templates + more.


25% Off Black Friday Deals for Bloggers


16. Restored316: Restored316 offers website + blog templates. For Black Friday + Cyber Monday, they’re offering 25% off on all their products.


20% Off Black Friday Deals for Bloggers


17. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: If you’re trying to up-level your game when it comes to affiliate marketing, check out Michelle Schroeder’s course. I took it + LOVED it. Use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY20SALE.




Black Friday Deals for Bloggers
Black Friday Deals for Bloggers
Black Friday Deals for Bloggers
XOXO, Kristie

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