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Generally, one of the first impressions you make on a potential client is with your website. Most prospects check out your website before they ever dial you up on the phone, send you an email, buy from you or hire you.

This is why it is so important that you have a professional website. Your challenge may be that you don’t have the funds to have a custom site made so instead you’re looking for a website template — the best website template.

All you have to do is upload the template to your WordPress account, add in your content + hit the publish button. Instant professional website + you don’t have to be a professional designer or techie to figure it out.

Here are the 5 best website templates, why each is the best + where you can download them.

The Best Website Templates for WordPress

1. Chic Serve Theme

The Chic Serve theme by BluChic is built specifically for service-based professional women. It has built-in menus/navigation + pages that are specifically for service-based businesses.

On the other hand, it can be fully customized. The theme comes with Elementor, which is a drag-and-drop website builder so you can easily + quickly customize the theme elements, add your own photos + drop in your own copy + content — all with a few clicks on your mouse (+/or keyboard).

It’s a newer theme so it’s likely that not too many businesses have scooped it up quite yet. It’s also affordably priced at $129.

2. Quinn Theme

The Quinn theme by BluChic is specifically for businesses who want a traditional look with a girly touch. It comes equipped with a WooCommerce shop + a color wheel so that you can fully customize the colors to match your brand.

It also features a slider, a way to upload your logo + built-in newsletter sign-up that works with MailChimp, ConvertKit + other email providers. It is also coded to be SEO friendly so search engines can easily read your website content.

You can fully customize the Quinn theme + it is quite cost-effective at $79.

3. Darling Theme

The Darling theme by Restored 316 is, well, darling. It has a touch of elegance + charm. It is also one of the most flexible WordPress themes I have come across. For example, you can format your Home Page in many different ways so it helps to make your site truly unique to you + your business.

Restored 316 builds all of its templates on the Genesis Framework, which means airtight security for your site.

Two more things I love about the Darling theme + Restored 316 is that the template is only $75 + Restored 316 does offer an add-on service to install the theme, framework, plug-ins, etc. (Optional, of course.)

4. Bloom Theme

What I love the most about the Bloom theme is it comes with a built-in portfolio feature so you can easily upload + showcase photos of your products or services. It offers three simple + organized layouts so you can choose which one works best for you.

It also comes with four different color schemes but you do have the option to create your own color scheme, as well, so that it completely matches your brand.

It, too, is only $75 + you have the option to add on Restored 316 services if you want.

5. Boss Lady Theme

The Boss Lady theme by A Prettier Web has so many benefits for wedding planners that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. One of my favorite features is that you can choose a unique banner image for every page of your website. It also has a custom bio box widget included.

The theme also includes call-to-action top + bottom widget areas, which is a must for all of the pages on a website. As a bonus, you can also add a call-to-action to the bottom of your blog posts.

Even more great features include Landing Page + Lead Page templates so that you can easily create sales pages, opt-in pages, host webinars + create thank you pages so you don’t have to pay a third party to do it for you.

The biggest benefit of all is the price. You get all of this with the Boss Lady theme for $49.99.

Having a professional website is a must. Choose one of the best website templates to get a professional website as quickly, easily + inexpensively as possible.

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