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Guest post by Kat Fraser

You’re fab with Canva, perfecting your Photoshop skills and learning the ropes in InDesign. You know the basics to start creating those WOW-worthy designs, but they’re not receiving the response that you hoped they might.

Design is about more than knowing ‘how’ to use design software to create work. It is about understanding what will make that design POP and resonate with your audience to see the results your business deserves.

Using these 5 tips, you can take your brand from low to pro and present yourself with stunning visuals.

Go beyond your logo

Why do you do what you do? If a potential customer is visiting your website, more likely than not, they know what it is that you do. In order to make your business stand out, you need to express to them why you do it.

What first gave you the drive to start your business?

Your logo is your symbol. It captures what inspires you, displays what you stand for, and confirms the reason they should choose to work with you.

There is a lot more depth to your work than it just being ‘a logo’. A logo is pointless if it is un-relateable. Click here to find out the secrets to my design process.

Keep it simple

It’s all too easy to get over-excited and start throwing twenty elements into a small social media design. We don’t want to leave out those all-important facts. If I told you that most people have scrolled past your busy ad, would you reconsider your approach?

We have all done it!

The truth?

Your image doesn’t need to include your contact details, the year you were born OR your mother’s maiden name (okay, this is daft, but you get my point.)

The reason for your design is to grab your audience’s attention. You need to stand out enough to stop them in their tracks. Save the details for the caption. If your design is enchanting enough, they won’t hesitate to read more.

My advice, negative space. Immediately the Nike, ‘Just do it!’ ad campaign comes to mind. Cut back all of the non-essential clutter. What will make your audience stop in their tracks?

Use negative space to create eye-catching designs.

Keep it consistent

You want to be remembered. Your business relies on design association. Your goal, to produce stunning visuals that match and get you remembered. The MOST important part of design for business is consistency.

Within design, it is crucial that you consistently use recognizable design elements. This doesn’t mean stick your logo on everything you do. What it does mean is using the same fonts, color pallet and brand components to create a memorable brand identity that your audience will associate with your business – every time they see it.

To do this, I find creating a brand board, that you can continually refer back to, a really useful tool. This will include your font pairings, color pallet, patterns, logo, sub-logo, and any other design aspects to keep you consistent throughout your design projects.

Get your free brand board template here!

Purpose to every aspect

When designing, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and create a design that looks beautiful but lacks purpose. Every aspect of your visuals should have a purpose. It’s important to create something that appeals to your audience but doesn’t take away from the initial reason you’re creating that design.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Why have I chosen to use that color/ image etc.?
– What will benefit my audience from seeing this?
– Who am I targeting and will this really resonate with them?
– How can I better express the message behind the design?
– What elements are wasting space and lacking intent?
– Is your message the main focus of your design?

Asking these questions will allow you to pick apart your design and consider what elements are taking the meaning away from your work, allowing you to perfectly and purposefully present yourself.

Think big – dont think like a small business

My final tip for you is to design as though you are earning six figures (or more!). Create a mindset of growth. The customers that you’re out to impress don’t have a clue how big your business is, so reflect your worth and don’t let the fact that your side hustle is yet to make a profit allow you to sell yourself short.

Show confidence through your design, ensure that your visual representation truly displays the beauty of your work and what you do. Don’t let that small business mindset creep back in.

Get access to the FREE design resource library for business owners. Here youll find all the design ideas, inspiration, and hand-holding you need to DIY your design AND have it look great. We have all been there, starting a business on a shoestring, and now I want to help.

Kat Fraser, Owner of Fraser & Co Design, is a professional graphic designer specialising in brand

and website design for wedding businesses. She focuses on getting straight to the heart of your brand because that’s what sells it. Pinpointing your brand identity, guided by what you believe in and makes you unique, who you want your brand to speak to and what you ultimately want to achieve. She uses this in-depth information to create the visual identity to make your brand strike a chord with couples and stand out.

You can learn more about her at;

www.fraserandcodesign.co.uk       |       Instagram       |       Pinterest

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