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Audience engagement is the level of interest your target audience has in your products or services. It’s also about how audience members interact with your brand in ways that benefit your business. Audience engagement is a regular + ongoing process, where you show your audience the value you bring to them and they react to it in some way.

Audience engagement largely depends on:

  • Platforms you use
  • Your industry

Audience Engagement Strategies

The audience engagement strategy you employ depends on how you want your audience to engage + interact with your business.

For example, if you run a blog, comments are audience engagement.

For YouTube, liking or sharing your videos is audience engagement.

For a live audience, audience engagement may be clapping or laughing.

Generally, when you provide valuable + relevant content + information to your audience, it can help to skyrocket audience engagement.

Reasons Audience Engagement Matters

While the type of engagement may vary, audience engagement matters. Here are three reasons why:

#1 Inspires Action or Positive Change

By far, the most important objective to audience engagement is to get your customers to do something specific with your brand, products, or services to benefit your company in some way.

Some examples of actions audience members may take:

  • Purchasing from your website
  • Increasing views on your YouTube channel
  • Registering more attendees for your next webinar

#2 Increases Conversions

Increasing sales, followers on your social media pages, or visits to your website are a few common examples of conversions many businesses try to achieve. If you can engage your audience, you are on your way to increasing your revenue.

#3 Establishes Relevancy + Competition

To influence your target audience positively, you need to appeal to them. This means providing the solutions, materials, or services they need to succeed in their own lives. When your customers are successful, so are you.

Audience engagement is proof that you provide value. Without audience engagement, it is harder to establish relevancy in your industry or gain a competitive edge.

You can work hard all day long, produce the best product, but if you don’t get your info to the right segment of your audience + get them to engage with your business, then none of it matters. 


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